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13 july 2014

and a new blog post!

10 july 2014

after some serious pondering i came to conclusion that facebook wasn't enough, so i registered on instagram.
follow me if you want to see random selfies, wips, backstage shots and snaps of my cats.

29 march 2014

my second solo exhibition, this time in oslo.. come and i'll give you a hug!
[Ramfjord gallery, march 29, 18:00]

more details here.

27 january 2014

new blog post, as promised! enjoy

23 january 2014

new work, finally!
special thanks to Sirithil

[and a new blog post is in the making, i promise]

5 august 2013

i was unjustly blocked on facebook for 30 (long) days, so i decided to register on deviantART instead.
come take a look at my newly acquired daily deviation!

23 july 2013

new blog post, finally!
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27 june 2013

new work, finished one and a half year later after the shoot
[models, stay away from me].
special thanks to Aude.

p.s. a new blog post is on its way..

21 april 2013

new work.
special thanks to Elisa Henny.

and of course a blog update!

12 december 2012

and here is the promised blog update - tadaa!

5 december 2012

new work, made exclusively for the Oxyum show at the T-rex gallery

and i promise, a (very) long blog update is coming soon!

13 august 2012

new work.

Untitled VII

8 may 2012

my project with Bastien is finally finished.

also a fresh blog entry with the announcements about upcoming exhibitions, my last trip to paris and a bunch of other stuff [click]

13 march 2012

my very first workshop, conducted together with nihil and John Colbensen is officially confirmed.

more info here.

27 february 2012

a fresh post in my blog with a couple of unreleased works featuring Had3sia, nihil's latest with me as a model, a short report from yet another trip to paris and some other news.

+ gallery || about || prints updated.

24 december 2011

new work.

Special thanks to:
- Audrey aka Had3sia - for being a great model
- nihil - for sharing, location, props and assistance


15 november 2011

new work.

Special thanks to:
- Bastien - for complying with my insanity and being an awesome model
- nihil - for sharing, location, props and assistance


also a new blog entry..

31 october 2011

new work.

Special thanks to:
- Erlend - for technical help and support
- Die Form || Lethian Dreams - for company and inspiration


21 september 2011

new work.

Special thanks to:
- Hans VR - for making my dream come true
- nihil - for pushing the button


5 september 2011

i am happy to announce the official launch of the prints sale - more information on sizes, editions and prices can be found here.

also a new update in my blog, with fables about my latest journeys, recent (and not so much) collabs and some backstage snaps.

new work coming soon!

9 july 2011

New work.

Special thanks to:
- nihil
- Mozart White | Jesu | - for company and inspiration

untitled. again.

.. plus a new blog entry with snaps from the workshop and a second trip to paris.

29 may 2011

New work.

Special thanks to:
- nihil - for the words
- Shannon's | Lethian Dreams | Mansfield TYA | - for company and inspiration


23 may 2011

new blog entry with the latest work by me and nihil + a short report from my trip to europe.

31 march 2011

New work made together with mr. Lacombe.

Special thanks to:
- Eric - for being a co-creator.. as always, it was a huge pleasure working with you :)
- st Brendans | Cocorosie- for company and inspiration

a bunch of other news in my blog as well..

14 february 2011

New work done.

Special thanks to:
- Guro Storskjaer - for being my model, my assitant and my support.. you are the best, girl :)
- Bjork | Trespassers William | Portishead- for company and inspiration

Here's my humble tribute.. and don't forget to check the blog for the rest of the news!

3 january 2011

I've finally finished updating my site.

Special thanks to:
- someone who didn't wish to be mentioned - for all the valuable help and support, esp for PHP magic, IE-debugging and the company during long winter nights of work. I wouldn't do it without you.

As always, I hope you will enjoy your stay :)

19 october 2010

New work.

Special thanks to:
- Jeanette Mathisen - for doing a really great job as my very first model
- Sølvi Strifeldt - for the wonderful makeup and valuable assistance during the shoot
- Olga - for being kind enough to let us make a mess in her living-room

This is my autumn

2 august 2010

New work.

This time untitled.

30 june 2010

It's been a while..

"Zu Warten" and "Protection" are going this time to Poznan in Poland - I was invited to participate in the "Abnormal Nudes" exhibition, which is going to happen on september 4th, and currently I'm planning on visiting this event personally. More about it here.

I've also had a collaboration with a wonderful danish musician Kat Boelskov - you can check the result of our works combined together here. Special thanks to Kat for her music and for this creation.

As for the new works.. hopefully soon. Stay tuned!

27 march 2010

New work.


13 march 2010

New work.

Special thanks to:
- E.M.
- Mr. Steppenwolf - for guidance in german
- Virgin Black - for company and inspiration

"Zu Warten II" - ..Und Ich leide

18 january 2010

New work is finally finished.

Special thanks to:
- Sigve and everyone else - for being so patient
- snow | Lethian Dreams | Baileys - for company and inspiration

"Protection II" - the Numb and the Blind

2 december 2009

Third work, brought to life with the help of Mr. Lacombe.

Special thanks to:
- Eric - for the wings.. and everything else
- Draconian | Vrubel | Carolans - for company and inspiration


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