My online store is finally up and running!

march 26, 2015

music : lethian dreams – red silence lodge
drink : mint tea
mood : excited

after several months of hard work, i can finally reveal my brand new online store – i would probably keep working on it for another year or two (perfectionism is evil!), but i received an opportunity to offer free worldwide shipping on my open edition prints, and i realized – its either now or never.

i wont go into details and explain every little thing there – i hope you will be curious / motivated enough to explore it on your own. i really tried my best to make it as user-friendly as possible, and kept it simple, with standard ordering procedures, so if you feel like buying something and you’ve used paypal before, you should manage just fine. that said, in case you do get lost, or you wonder about something, or you got some suggestions, please dont hesitate to contact me, here or here, or in the comments below.

a preview for those who are too lazy to click

a specialty for the collectors out there : my print in a frame, designed and made by my father

and a teaser for my open editions (the ones with the free worldwide shipping!)

i would like to say huge thank you (as big as it gets) to Matthieu Sachs from Lethian Dreams, who in addition to being an amazing musician, turned out to be a crazy skillful programmer, and generously gave me his free time and knowledge to adjust my web store to my liking. my admiration and gratitude for all the help and efforts – i dont dabble in PHP myself since my brain lacks basic logic, so i can undoubtedly say that this project would not have happened without him.
Matthieu, you are my hero :))

like the fact that you can buy my prints? support the band, whose member made it happen!

i have some other exciting things happening at the moment – several works in progress, planning an exhibition and a workshop in Belgium, traveling to Paris. but, i decided that i should try to reduce the length of my posts and instead update my blog more often – doing it once a year makes it a really poor excuse of a blog.

so, stay tuned and enjoy the spring (which hopefully looks better than this)

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  1. Hi, first off, love your work!
    I was born and raised in British Columbia Canada and cherish people with a strong connection to the cold wet rugged outdoors. Here we have rain more than snow, but both share mountains and the sea. I’m writing you to ask permission to paint one of your self-portraits,
    I’m working on a series of portraits right now of musicians that have an influence on my work, my next goal is a series based on artist and exploring if their work affects/effects my hand when I paint their work.
    If not into it, no worries, I still think you’re rad!
    Cheers Jordan Fell

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