Spring travels – part I : Paris

june 1, 2015

music : lethian dreams – dust
drink : ice water with lime
mood : thoughtful

as you can see, im trying my best to keep my incentive and blog a bit more often than i used to, so today im going to entertain you with a tale of my voyage to the beautiful city of paris.

i have a very strange relationship with paris – i fell in love with it when i visited it for the first time, but my enchantment gradually faded, when i got closely acquainted with the public transport (mainly RER D), the suburbs, the crowds, the insecurity of a woman going home alone, and of course the inability of french people speak anything but french! my previous trips turned out quite frustrating and i almost dreaded going there this time. however, as it often happens, my fears were disproved and my love for the city blossomed anew.

the main reason for going was a collective show at Concorde gallery – quite a peculiar place, counting the fact that its situated on the second floor of a spacious sex shop, where you can find pretty much anything (i thoroughly checked!). the gallery itself looks very pro and presentable, and it was probably this once that we had champagne and macaroons at the opening. more importantly, the event aroused (pun intended) a lot of interest and i had a pleasure to meet some exceptional artists and photographers who came to see me – among them Claude Duvauchelle, Thibault Delhom, Anca M. Cernoschi, Nicolas Grosset and Pascal Dupont.

a couple of pictures (the rest you can find on my “exhibitions” page)

me, looking weird and tired with some of my prints in the background

the crowd

apart from the exhibition we managed to squeeze in a trip to the natural history museum, namely the bones department. its truly a magnificent collection, with species that exist nowadays and paleontology floor, where you can find all that has been, long time ago. it left me somewhat stunned and amazed, seeing the size of those animals and the time they lived and died in – with me, being a tiny spec of dust, stuck in a fleeting moment of the present.. anyhow, some pictures to illustrate my deeply philosophical thoughts and emotions.

tiny froggy frog

and some serious horned animal

somebody’s beautiful spine

eternal love (pt.1)

eternal love (pt.2)

not sure who this might be

prehistorical gorgeousness

and the most wonderful creature of them all

last but not least, my days were full of wonderful meetings, and i am truly thankful to all those people who shared some of their precious time with me – it made my trip particularly pleasant.

ill start with Dehn Sora, the man behind Treha Sektori (you might have seen his video “Ah Estereh Komh Derah”, which was my main inspiration for “Darkwood”).

apart from being a great musician and an amazing visual artist, Dehn turned out to be the nicest, most humble person ever, and he didnt seem to mind my questions, giving me the opportunity to peek behind his mysterious art and music.
as a bonus i received some unexpected gifts that were very much appreciated.

Church of Ra CD and the download card for the “Sahe Fernah” video

random : my suspicious / curious cat, next to the CD

the video itself (NB : somewhat disturbing content)

we also met with a good friend of ours, Narcisse Steiner, who has recently started making these lovely bird skull pendants – i was supposed to buy just the blue one, but well.. you know how it usually happens.
Narcisse has some more of those and he also takes custom orders, so if you feel tempted, dont hesitate to get in touch with him.

my babies (looks like im all about bones and skulls these days)

and finally, i had a coffee and a very nice discussion with a fellow artist, an illustrator and a tattooer-to-be, Nicolas aka LInk Drawings, who came to paris all the way from nice and was kind enough to bring me a couple of his beautiful creations.

skulls again! (c) LInk Drawings

i spent quite a lot of time with my dear friend Kathrine (aka Sylvaine) who – too bad for me – is much more often in paris than in oslo nowadays, but at the same time its awfully nice to have someone very close and familiar in a foreign city, who can show you around, eat some french pastry with you and keep you a lovely company.

last but not least, i would like to say big thank you to our amazing friends and hosts Jeff and Elodie (aka Louise Dumont), who kindly gave us their apartment to use and abuse as we wish, while they were away. speaking about Elodie, i had another photosession with her several months ago and i recently found out that one of the images ended up at the exhibition she was having in france. i have to admit, its quite a peculiar feeling seeing yourself on a print that is a part of someone else’s show.

snap from the exhibition

the original (c) Louise Dumont

and another one from the same shoot that i really like
(c) Louise Dumont

it looks like i will be coming back to paris again soon, due to another event that i am supposed to be a part of – for now i dont have a lot of details but i will surely keep you posted.


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