Summer : before and after

july 23, 2013

music : kubark – vixi
drink : orange juice
mood : calm

well it looks like i managed to disappear for another half a year or so. i blame the heat! even in norway its quite unbearable and multiplies my unwillingness to do anything by thousands.

so, first and foremost, a new picture, actually two of them, but i kept only one for the main gallery. the lucky winner features a lovely french model Einsamkeit Sine who i had a pleasure to meet like.. one and a half years ago? she was working with nihil and i snatched her for my own project, which for some mysterious reason was on hold til now. i continued my brushes research and here is what i got this time. special thanks to Einsamkeit for being so patient!


bigger version here

another image is much more recent, dating back to may, and it has a bit of a pre-history. last year i accidentally won a competition on facebook (something that never, NEVER happens to me) and as a prize i got a photoshoot with a photographer Aleah Stanbridge (who also happens to be a lead singer in Trees of Eternity). this spring we both thought it was high time to collect my prize – i planned a trip to Orebro (sweden), where Aleah is located and got in touch with a wonderful french head piece designer Candice Angelini, asking her to create something for our shoot. we had a great concept, about a strange mythical creature lurking in the woods (that would be me!) and Candice did a marvellous job on her end but just before my trip Aleah got sick and had to cancel the whole thing, and somehow we never rescheduled it. so i was left with two gorgeous head pieces and a concept but no photographer to bring it to life. eventually i decided to shoot myself and invited a french model Lizzie Saint Septembre to help me out. but even then some invisible forces were still against me – due to chilly weather we had to relocate from the forest (the initial idea) to nihils apartment. i did my best to recreate trees and branches, but of course it wasnt the same. nevertheless i like the result, even though i feel its more along the lines of beauty photography than my usual photomanip.


bigger version here

continuing with pictures, i was also engaged in some new collaborations. one of them is by a great french photographer Stephane Roy, who ive known for quite some time now (he used to be a curator at le cabinet det curieux where i exhibited). we talked about the shoot for ages and finally Stephane invited me and nihil to his home aka studio for a little project, made especially for us. the process itself was much fun, i always enjoy watching how other artists work – everyone has their own techniques and tricks, and Stephane is very inventive, creating all his sets IRL (something i rarely do, relying on the power of photoshop). we had to wait for the results for a couple of months (but after my year-long delays i really dont have the right to complain), and here is how they look like.

rest of the series here

another collaboration is connected with our trip to a lovely town of Gueret in june, where nihil was exhibiting during a metal festival St Fiel Fest. i sneaked in as his +1, and we were placed in a nice wooden house right by the lake, neighbouring with all the metal bands that came to attend the festival. the event itself was awesome, top-notch organization and a couple of great musical discoveries (Radium Valley and Regarde les Hommes Tomber among others), plus as a bonus we got to enjoy the nature and a company of our two good friends Jean Francois B and his gf Elodie aka Louise Dumont. she asked me to pose for her in the woods and agreed to return the favour – and thats how a new collaboration was born.
except for the festival we went to the opening of Jeff and Elodie’s exhibition in a small town nearby and visited a wildlife park Les Loupes de Chabrieres dedicated to the wolves, where we had a chance to observe these wonderful creatures at close range. some pictures from the trip.

(c) Louise Dumont. the rest of the series here


at the wild-life park, stalking a white wolf

dinner time

on a travel-related note the month of may was the most interesting.
in the beginning nihil came to oslo and we had a little two days trip to stavanger, where we were greeted by our good friend Lise Kvam. she was kind enough to let us crash at her place and also kept us company at the venture to the famous preikestolen cliff. i probably wouldnt dare to climb there again, mainly because the route is made for pro hikers and not clumsy penguins like me, but the view from the top has certainly payed off all our effort – i guess that was one of the most beautiful scapes ive seen in my life (my snaps definitely dont do it justice).

preikestolen : the view

me trying to peep over the edge

and just one week after that we continued our vacation in the south of france, going first to Montpellier and then exploring the surroundings, namely the gorgeous old town of Carcassonne and the area with the Cathar castles. we had enough time to climb and look around in just one of them, Peyrepertuse, but i surely got enough impressions for a life time. here are some more pictures.

the lovely city of carcassonne

me on top of the world, again

so, after all these amazing adventures my summer seems quite calm and even boring but i dont mind, because looks like in autumn its going to be quite busy again. i can finally announce my very first solo exhibition, which is going to happen in Poland, in mid-october. i was chosen to represent norway in an international photo art festival, and i am planning to showcase 20 of my works. since the organizers pay for everything, i will be present at the event as well. more details about the event coming soon – for now here is a trailer (NB : disregard the music).

another collective show will be in paris in the end of november, and this time my prints will be hanging together with Giger, Santerineross and a bunch of other cool artists – needless to say im going to be a the opening.

well, i guess that was all news for tonight. to wrap it up here is a recent snap selfie i took some days ago.
i probably wont have anything huge to boast about in the months to come but i am currently working on something, so as always – stay tuned ))


  1. La photo avec Lizzie est merveilleuse ! Je trouve que le fait que ce ne soit pas réellement dans une forêt ajoute quelque chose de plus, c’est certain que ça n’aurait pas rendu pareil. L’ambiance est vraiment très réussie ! 🙂 (La coiffe est vraiment très belle d’ailleurs aussi).

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