2014, I salute you!

january 27, 2014

music: draconian – demon you
drink : mint tea with lemon
mood : sleepy

so , i guess everyone is already used to my “frequent” updates, i wont even make up excuses this time and start sharing the news with you right away.

the main event of the past autumn was my very first solo exhibition in Bielsko-Bialy, Poland, as a part of a biannual foto art festival. my father was kind enough to assist me with framing, and i can say that a lot of time, money and effort was put into the preparation. being lucky, i had huge problems with shipping and until the day of the opening i wasnt even sure that my prints have arrived (talk about stress!) but in the end it turned out well and we spent several lovely days in poland, attending the event. it was rather strange to see my name on huge billboards across the city! the opening ceremony was very official, with the red carpet and mayor holding a speech, and most of the fellow artists were quite experienced and established fotographers, so i have to admit i felt a little out of place. the biggest challenge was meeting with people for Q’n’A – i was dead sure that very few would show up, so i didnt prepare at all, and my heart literally stopped when i saw a hall full of some 200 people waiting for me. the best part was the signing of the festival catalogue right after : with the long queue and everyone giving me compliments i guess for the first time in my “artistic career” i actually felt famous ))

my dad’s workshop and one of his wonderful frames

at my gallery (c) nihil

catalogue signing : trying to poke one of my fan’s eye out *kidding* (c) Piotr Bieniecki

on our spare time we did a long and crazy drive to Sanok – a little grey town which cant really boast of anything, except for the biggest museum of master Beksinski. seeing his paintings live was an amazing experience, proving once again his limitless talent.

(c) Beksinski (detail)

(c) nihil

(c) Beksinski

in november i got into a first collective show in oslo, at ramfjord gallery – this was my first “breakthrough” at home, which really meant a lot to me. the opening included expencive drinks and an extravagant performance of the pin up band, however the crowd was rather mixed and i felt very comfortable since no one knew me and i could stay unnoticed. just a couple of days ago the curator of the gallery told me that my print was sold – til now its the biggest (144 x 115 cm) and the most expencive (25 000 NOK = 3 000 EUR) reproduction ive ever had.

the flyer

at the opening with my friend Kathrine aka Sylvaine

in the end of the month i went back to paris, for yet another show – a collective at Rivoli 59, organized by La Cave and curated by nihil. this was a long awaited event, mostly because of the line up (hanging next to Giger and Santerineross is quite an achievement) and also because among the people attending the opening was Karina Marandjian, probably my biggest influence and inspiration who ive admired for years. i have to say that was also the most beautiful and impressive dark art collection, and i am indeed proud to have been a part of it.

the flyer

at the opening

with Karina and my best friend Delphyne (wide angle rules *not*)

the new year started out well for me – 5 confirmed exhibitions, in paris, lisboa, trieste, berlin and seattle, and a chance to have a solo in oslo (still under discussion). the nearest one in paris is the most exciting, mainly because one of the fellow artists im going to showcase with is .. *drum roll* .. David Lynch. i know its hard to believe and i keep glancing at the flyer to confirm that my name stands right under his, but well looks like its really happening. rumour is mr Lynch could show up at the opening, so ive decided to try my luck and be there, in case he actually comes.

the flyer

i have also finished a new work that i shot sometime in november, if memory doesnt fail me – this time with a lovely french model Florence aka Sirithil. we really clicked and i was amazed at her ability to transform, which is a quality of a true model – here is what we’ve got.


bigger version here

another work i can finally reveal is my summer project with a norwegian musician Kathrine aka Sylvaine – she approached me for a CD cover and a promo shoot, and even though ive never done this type of assignment before, i decided i could give it a try, especially since i fell in love with her voice and music. we had several outside and inside shoots, Kathrine being the most patient and hard-working model ive ever worked with, and the results satisfied both of us. im not supposed to disclose the cover image yet as the album will be released later this year, but i can show you a couple of promo pictures that Kathrine has already published. check her first single too, im pretty sure you will like it.

bigger version here

bigger version here

i also managed to participate in several lazy collaborations (lazy because i didnt do anything except for taking the picture), respected authors named below – dont hesitate to take a deeper look at their work!

by Mathias Rat. bigger version here

by nihil (i didnt even take a picture for this one, just modelled)

last but not least, since im guessing you are bored to death and snoring, here is a dorky webcam shot of me in glasses which ive acquired lately because i am completely blind, and even dorkier snap of me with a crooked heart – that was a “thank you card” for all my dear followers on facebook (join the force if you are not already there! – im updating it much more frequently than this excuse of a blog).

the (in)famous glasses

and the crooked heart, also for everyone who reads this

well, i guess that was all for today.
see you in june! (ehm, hopefully earlier than that).


  1. Keep up the great work Daria! I’ve enjoyed following your images for quite a few years now. I hope you’re well and wish you the best for the future, John

  2. Hello my friend 😀
    Long time, no see 🙂
    This was amazing reading! So happy to see that you´re following your dream and of course your amazing talent!
    Hope to se you again somewhere in time 🙂
    Keep safe.

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