To Release IV (with Jack Eles, 2014)

To Release III (with Sirithil, 2014)

To Release II (with Einsamkeit Sine, 2013)

To Release (with Had3siA, 2012)

Untitled VII (self-portrait, 2012)

Untitled III (self-portrait, 2010)

Protection II (self-portrait with H.S.K., 2010)

Frida und die Schmetterlinge (self-portrait, 2009)

Melancholia (self-portrait, 2009)

Zu Warten (self-portrait, 2009)

Protection (self-portrait with H.S.K., 2009)

Unravel (self-portrait, 2009)

The Dead Angle (self-portrait, 2008)