And summer again

well, it took me another half a year to get back to my blog – I hope during this time I haven’t lost all my readers (but honestly, i would understand).

i’ll start with exhibitions, i’ve had 4 but unfortunately i managed to be present only on one of them – my solo show in oslo, hosted by the ramfjord gallery. the opening was lovely, with around 80 people attending but sales-wise it was kind of a fail..

2014, I salute you!

so, i guess everyone is already used to my “frequent” updates, i wont even make up excuses this time and start sharing the news with you right away.

the main event of the past autumn was my very first solo exhibition in Bielsko-Bialy, Poland, as a part of a biannual foto art festival. my father was kind enough to assist me with framing, and i can say that a lot of time, money and effort was put into the preparation..

Summer : before and after

well it looks like i managed to disappear for another half a year or so. i blame the heat! even in norway its quite unbearable and multiplies my unwillingness to do anything by thousands.

so, first and foremost, a new picture, actually two of them, but i kept only one for the main gallery. the lucky winner features a lovely french model Einsamkeit Sine who i had a pleasure to meet..