Spring travels – part II : Belgium

august 5, 2015

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so finally i overcame my complete and utter laziness, and the part ii of my spring travels has been written, just when the summer is almost at its end.. i know, i suck at this. but, since my summer is boring as hell and absolutely nothing exciting is going on, i thought it would be nice to entertain you with some tales of yore.

the trip to belgium was long anticipated and carefully prepared for, mainly because after 4 years of impatient waiting i arranged the meeting with my favourite band that ive been following for all this time – yes, i am talking about Lethian Dreams. we had a nice dinner all together, and i was insolent enough to ask for a shoot, so we spent an afternoon in the magical belgian forest. unfortunately, Pierre, the drummer could not make it – but it only means that we will have to reconvene again. and i am really looking forward to it!
it goes without saying that the guys, Carline and Matthieu (who i communicated with extensively online prior to my journey) turned our to be just as sweet and humble IRL, and i am very greatful for the wonderful time we’ve spent together.
some pictures, to prove that i wasnt dreaming :

beautiful Carline

thoughtful Matthieu

Carline + Matthieu + redhead freak

magical belgian forest

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backstage snap from Carline – so thankful for it!

and precious gifts – Lethian Dreams + 2 other projects, Aythis and Remembrance

yes, im a bastard, i made Carline and Matthieu sign them all

i have some more pictures here.

another exciting event happened in gent – acoustic concert of Amenra in the local church. i knew i couldnt miss this one as soon as i saw an announcement several months before, and it was indeed an amazing experience – the atmosphere was mind-blowing and Amenra was really special in the “acoustic” light.

before the concert started

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mobile snap, which turned out to be the most symmetrical one

last but not least – and thats basically the reason why i had the chance to go to belgium in the first place – my presentation / workshop / exhibition venture in kortrijk. i didnt catch the exhibition since it happened one week after my visit (and i couldnt get any pictures or comments from the organizers regarding it), but the presentaion and the workshop were really nice – we had quite an intimate company of no more than 20 people, and it was a pleasure to share some of my opinions and techniques.


since we rented the car, we could easily move around and during a couple of free days we swung by bruges and oostende. ive been to bruges twice before and it was never on a saturday – crucial mistake, as the city was overflooded with tourists. we could still enjoy my dearly beloved memling museum and some mussles, which are a must in belgium (just as waffles and beer). oostende was also quite the opposite of what i remembered – rainy, windy and cold – but as a result, completely desolated (and much appreciated after the bruges crowds).

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gorgeous Memling

all in all it was a memorable voyage, and i hope to be back there sometime soon.

other than this not much is going on here. i am slowly (waaaay too slow!) planning my next outside project and trying my best to finish the old ones, but my inspiration is wandering somewhere else these days.
i took a random self-portrait, yet another experiment with my flashes.. and yes, in visual news thats about it.


i did get some interesting exhibition news, no more no less – my big dream coming true, but since its supposed to happen in a quite distant future, i dont want to jinx it by revealing the details. however what i would like to say to those who dream of something and are just too shy or afraid (or plain lazy) to pursue it – conquer your shyness and fear and laziness, and just make the effort. you always have a chance of getting a “yes”, even if to you it might seem unlikely .)

have a great rest of the summer, and as always – stay tuned.

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