And summer again

august 22, 2014

music: koven – more than you
drink : ice water
mood : ehm.. what?

well, it took me another half a year to get back to my blog – I hope during this time I haven’t lost all my readers (but honestly, i would understand).

i’ll start with exhibitions, i’ve had 4 but unfortunately i managed to be present only on one of them – my solo show in oslo, hosted by the ramfjord gallery. the opening was lovely, with around 80 people attending but sales-wise it was kind of a fail. i’m not sure what to make of it, perhaps the local bohemian crowd is not ready for me or my stuff is just too dark and/or weird. anyway, it was a fine moment of glory, and here are some pictures to share it with you.

at the entrance (c) Louise Dumont

inside (c) Louise Dumont

my babies (c) Louise Dumont

me + nihil (c) John Colbensen

in addition to this i participated in 3 collective shows – La Cave #3 in berlin, Erotic Arts festival in Seattle and Body Circus in Sardinia. as said, i wasnt able to witness those with my own eyes but i got some pictures, and a very nice impression from all the organizers of the shows.

the flyer for the berlin show

berlin (c) Oliver Playford

the flyer for the Erotic Arts festival

the flyer for Body Circus

in the gallery (c) Michele Mereu

for now the summer is really quiet and i have only 1 collective event planned for september in paris, but i really dont mind since i have invested a lot of money and effort in showcasing my work and i barely break even, so perhaps i should focus on creating new stuff instead.

talking about creating, i finally finished a picture with a lovely french/american model Jack Eles – that one was waiting in my retouch folder for quite a while. i keep playing with brushes and do less collaging nowadays, dont know if its a growing trend or just a phase that will pass soon.

bigger version here

and i did a bunch of collaborations again, my favourite being the one with nihil, a rather spontaneous effort which in my opinion resulted in something truly amazing. you recognize the model?

bigger version here

i also gave a picture of myself to my good friend Gilles, who turned it into this (i wish my hair was that long!)

and finally i had a chance to work on an image of Aleah, the singer from Trees of Eternity – we spoke about doing something together since we met, and i received several promo shots from her for a tryout. this is what we got

bigger version here

continuing on a music-related theme i had a chance to talk to Carline and Matthieu from Lethian Dreams, the band that i have been following for years (my “severance” picture was hugely inspired by their song). the guys turned out to be most humble and sweetest musicians on earth and i was touched when i found out that they remember and like my work too. in token of our virtual friendship we had a little exchange – my print for their latest CD – i am really proud and happy about it.

my preciousss, with a special dedication in french inside

my print at Carline’s studio

as for traveling, ive been stuck at home most of the time and the only interesting adventure we had was a road trip towards west coast here in norway. i know the route too well since i used to live there before but taking a bus was never satisfactory, as i couldn’t come out and enjoy the view and take some pictures. the trip was great, and i can still vouch for norway being the most beautiful country in the world.

on the way



passing Haukeli

approaching Odda

Totak lake

at some point i dug a bit deeper into beauty retouch (while unemployed, i had a crazy thought that i might work as a retoucher) and to practice i took some self-portraits – two of them made it alive. inspired, i organized a shoot with Kathrine aka Sylvaine, trying a fashion-like direction, and although we didnt get any significantly awesome results, it still was much fun. i realised soon after that id be a shitty retoucher and i know nothing about fashion photography, so i dropped the idea but in the process i learned some nice tricks, which could be useful in my usual editing in the future.

bigger version here

bigger version here

bigger version here

bigger version here

to finish off this somewhat uninspired blog post, here are some random facts that you might find interesting.

i registered on instagram. dont ask me why, i am a lousy cook and my cats are totally not fotogenic, so im really not sure what im going to spam my followers with except for my art, but well, if you are curious, you are welcome to join.

*i lied, my cats are very photogenic, as you can see*

i got on the cover of Adore Chroma magazine, with a nice article inside – you can purchase a copy here (or just contemplate this little spoiler).

details here

and here is me with a big print for a customer in sweden – there is something really rewarding about seeing your work printed in large format, and i was quite happy with this one (the customer too!).

me holding my baby

and a snap from the happy customer

once again, if you feel like waiting half a year for getting some news from me is way too long, i’d recommend you follow me on facebook – i maintain a more or less good rhythm there and post updates regularly.

enjoy your summer ))


  1. I wanted to know who was the author of a photograph and was you. I can not express what I feel when looking at your pictures. Its hard to explain but it is what I want to feel when enjoying Art. Thanks Daria, indeed

  2. I confess I’m a latecomer to your blog despite having followed you and your work on Facebook for some time. This post has such an undertone of restlessness to it. Of things tried. Experiments and journeys, physical and intellectual and emotional. Some good discoveries, some less satisfying. Yet at the end I get the clear impression that you are content to keep searching. Quite inspiring in a gentle way. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Hello Daria,
    Your blog is sober and very pleasant to browse. Pictures are discover and especially to discover again …
    Phil Le Filou,

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