Back to life after another break

april 21, 2013

music : silence
drink : orange juice
mood : blah

ok, i have to admit, i will never gain a blogger-of-the-world reward – yet another 4 months are gone, and i havent posted a sigle line since my last update, even though i promised. lets catch up a bit!

so, i finally finished a new image, which was shot in january with a wonderful model and a sweetest person Elisa Henny. we hooked up on facebook, met at Langage des Visceres in december, and it all resulted in a photosession later on. i allowed myself to experiment a bit with brushes this time but i kept my favourite colors, so i guess its somewhat of a mix between the old and the new. special thanks to Elisa for this!


bigger version here

events-wise i came back from paris a week ago, where i had yet another exhibition, this time at the famous bar Les Furieux – i must confess i didnt expect much from it but the set up turned out really great, better than in some galleries actually, and we had a blast at the opening, with free drinks and all our friends attending (yes, you missed the opportunity to see me wasted, if you havent been there!). strangely enough, i managed to bump into 3 girls from oslo, one of them being a customer in the bar where i work – the world is way too small, isnt it?

one of my prints, looking awesomely good on the red bg

hanging out with friends at the opening

the next collective show is happening in paris again, and is called Corrosive Container – the organizers are the people from the X lab gallery in Berlin, where we exhibited last year. dont miss this one – the artworks represented in this event are very impressive, and even though i wont be attending the opening, you’ll get to meet some of the other cool artists instead!

the flyer

back in winter i also collaborated with a good friend of mine and a very special photographerAurelie Dorianne Wotton. we met a lot on various parisian gatherings and i happily agreed to pose for her. this is completely different from what i usually do, no photoshop involved – just flash, long exposure and gloomy b/w atmosphere. i am quite satisfied with the results, its always fun to try something new, and actually we are conspiring to create together again! more of Dorianne’s works can be seen here.

i also fooled around with artificial light, probably for the first time in my own room, when the days were short and dark back in december – as a result, another self-portrait, voila :

bigger version here

other than that.. hmmm, i think i spend too much time at work – which is the bestest rock bar in oslo, let me remind you – and since i dont have anything else to entertain you with, here is a picture of me bartending at the Inferno kick off party, darkish and blurry, just as its supposed to be.

de villes rock bar

ive got a lot of exciting plans for the nearest future, namely a couple of travels, a shoot with a fantastic french model (intrigued?) and some more.

so as always, stay tuned!


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